I am self-taught.


I work from a storefront office on Main Street in the historic Crandell Theatre in Chatham, NY, 2.25 hours north of New York City in Columbia County. I have practicedmultidiscipline, multicultural, multilingual design in the United States, Europe, and South America for more than 37 years.


Work and life must balance. I live by design, not default. That doesn’t mean that accidents of living don’t occur. However, my work is not separated from a singular way of living. I live for simple, quiet order. I design the same way.


My home sits high on seven acres of land on a mountainside in Red Rock, New York. There is a 70-mile view of the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. The house is surrounded by old oak and maple trees. The house is almost empty and has simple proportions. There is a plank table in the living + dining space around which I like to draw a few friends for good red wine and simple food prepared well.


My bias is to subtract, to seek simplicity by design.
I have few possessions, mostly books.


I am an athlete for life. I like to run. I speak four languages that are useful when I travel. I am the father of two beautiful, successful children, Alexandra and Bryan, and grandfather of lovely Maren and handsome Aidan, Logan and Hunter.


I love design because it identifies, informs, and helps people find their way.